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Riccardo Zambelloni is a self-taught, award-winning and really really really ridiculously good looking unprofessional photographer. His outstanding photographic work is internationally renowned, published worldwide and displayed in the most famous museum around the world such as the Louvre, the Hermitage, the Uffizi, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and, of course, in the prestigious DZCFKWCRGAWWLTDOSGT (namely the Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good Who Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too). 

At the tender age of 3 (1991), Riccardo picked up his first film camera as he was bored to play with toys and needed a “long break from kids stuff” as he stated at the time. After looking at the camera for about 10 minutes, he decided that film wasn’t simply good enough for his talent and replaced the film slot with a glass sensor he just built out of Legos. That day digital photography was born.

After his first major breakthrough in the world, Riccardo’s talent and fame grew exponentially and effortlessly, but this did not stop his thirst for discovery. In 1998, he took a solo backpacking trip around the world. This brought him to the most remote corner of the globe, he climbed Everest without oxygen support, ran marathons in the Andes, crossed the Sahara desert (“just for a stroll” as he quoted), built a research station in Antarctica, hired a taxi in New York, ate a Big Mac in North Korea and walked the entire length of the Great Wall of China…in 1 day. If this doesn’t sound outstanding to you, remember Riccardo was only 10 years old and was home-schooling himself at the same time. Before dedicating his heart and soul to landscape photography, he had a major epiphany about his early discovery and decided to donate his idea to two of his dearest friends, Canon and Nikon. Needless to say, this generous gesture marked the definitive advent of digital photography as we know it as consumers.

After almost 2 decades of unprecedented experience of photographing the wild and remote landscapes of the universe, Riccardo humbly retired at the age of 21 in his mountain hut in a secret location. Here, the master landscape photographer passes his days enjoying the sound of the wind blowing through the snowy peaks, the rush of the streams snaking through the verdant valleys and the company of his pet ostrich, Steven. He occasionally sets off to shoot landscapes on Mars for old times’ sake as he thinks that “the Moon has now become the new Iceland”…everybody goes there to be a landscape photographer.

If you didn't read this with a typical David Attenborough accent, you may not believe this accurate and detailed short bio of the outstanding life of the internationally renowned landscape photographer Riccardo Zambelloni. Remember that this is written on the Internet, so it MUST be true. 


Slightly More Serious and cheesy Bio

Hi, folks!!!

I forgot to say that I am also an amazing selfie photographer 

I forgot to say that I am also an amazing selfie photographer 

My name is Riccardo, I am a landscape and travel photographer from Northern Italy and the only true thing of the non-sense above is that I am really a self-taught photographer. I am passionate about Nature, travelling and the great outdoors. I guess like everybody, I try to spend as much time as possible outside exploring new places around our beautiful planet, while gulping down any form of gelatine-based chewable sweets.

If I would have to pick, I'd say that mountains are indeed my favourite subject to shoot. There is something magical about getting lost (in a good way) in the mountains. Whenever I am hiking in the wild, I feel a much deeper connection and appreciation of the natural world and I try to portray that every time with my photos. Same goes with travelling, I love to see and experience different cultures of this planet (who doesn't?). I feel very lucky for the travel opportunities that I had and hopefully that I will have in the future.

Being able to capture the rugged and raw beauty of Mother Earth is the ultimate goal of my photography. I'd like to think that, through my images, I can inspire people to see more of this world and to appreciate and protect our planet for future generations. I know it's a bold statement, but it is worth a shot (pun intended).

Some time ago, I have found out that I really enjoy to teach photography and show the wild places I know to other like-minded people. For this reason, I have started a blog about all things landscape and travel photography that you can find here. I am not a tech-guy and I barely know how to turn on the computer, so don't be hard on the blog layout and appearance. It's very simple and hopefully educational.

I really appreciate the time you spent looking at my website and I hope you enjoyed the time you wasted reading the non-sense above (believe it or not, it took me one hour or so and two packs of gummy bears to put together those lines).

Thanks for stopping by and happy shooting!!!