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One-to-One Workshops

You just bought a new camera and you want to take awesome pictures, but you don't know where to start? Look no further.

One-to-One Workshops are the best way to learn the basics and bring your photography game to the next level.


How it works

One-to-One Workshops are tailor-made shooting sessions built around your skills and needs. These workshops are the best value for money and suitable for individuals, couples or small groups of friends. Once you have decided and you want to book a session, you just need to email me to start the booking process. We will have a preliminary chat, where I'll ask you couple of questions to know what gear and experience you have and what you want to achieve with the session. This allows me to build a customised workshop based entirely on your needs, so you can leave the session happy and satisfied with what you have learned. During the conversation, we will also discuss what kind of session you would like to attend (half-day, sunrise-to-sunset or multi-day) and the locations you want to shoot (Please read below for the list of available locations and fees). 


What kind of workshops are available:

There are 3 different workshops you can choose:

Half-day workshop: This workshop lasts only 5 hours and includes a on-the-field session (sunrise or sunset) and one post-processing session. Before or after the shooting, I will help you to improve your workflow both in Lightroom and Photoshop depending on your experience and needs. If we are shooting sunrise, I will help you to organise the shots you took and we are going to process one from our session.

Sunrise-to-sunset workshop: This is an intensive full-day session packed with useful tips and information. We will meet for sunrise, shoot and then have our first post-processing lesson on our sunrise shots. After lunch, we are going to shoot a mid-day location and process another shot to get an idea of my workflow, some Photoshop tricks and how I approach post-processing to get a moody and dramatic look. After that, we are going to get out again to shoot sunset to practice what you have learned throughout the day.

Multi-day workshop: Sunrise-to-sunset workshop can be booked for more than one day in order to get the most out of my teaching and to explore in depth the locations I offer. This is also an intensive workshop full of great information for shooting on-the-field, for ideas on composition and for post-processing. As always, this multi-day workshop is entirely tailored around your specific needs and experience. Almost forgot...it's going to be EPIC!!!



My private workshops are available at no extra-fee all over Italy only in locations I am familiar with such as the Peak District National Park, the Lake District and Snowdonia National Park.


English and Italian



Half-day session (5h): 140 EURO per person

Sunrise-to-sunset session (all day): 200 EURO per person per day

A discount is applied for couples, groups and if you book more than 2 consecutive Sunrise-to-sunset sessions

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